AIRCREWCARE is suite of international insurance products for commercial airline pilots that was initially available exclusively from GBG and is now provided by a global network of international insurance companies, managed and underwritten by Aviation and Marine Services in Dublin, Ireland

Our long-term aim is to make affordable international airline pilot insurance available to Aircrew of all ages in any airline worldwide. offers two core products for pilots:

  • Fitness to Fly Insurance: A tailor made combination of short-term, temporary and permanent loss of income insurance. Fitness to Fly Insurance is specifically designed to minimize costs for higher earning pilots, especially as they grow older. Fitness to Fly insurance is available up to age 65. Monthly benefits commence from as little as 28 days and higher earning pilots can select a lump sum benefit of up to $500,000 for permanent loss of income.
  • Loss of Licence Insurance: Capital protection against permanent loss of licence with advance monthly payments for temporary loss of licence.

Aircrewcare Optional extra insurance options for pilots

In addition offers two optional extra supplementary policies to Loss of Licence and Fitness to Fly Insurance policy holders under age 60. (Also available offline for pilots over age 60)

  • Stand-alone short-term disability insurance: Payable from 28-90 days to supplement to Loss of License insurance or combined on Fitness to Fly Insurance.
  • Life Insurance: Auto-acceptance up to $300,000 to ATPL/1st Class aviation medical certificate holders. Life insurance in excess of $300,000 and short term disability insurance for pilots over age 60 require an off line application and are subject to medical underwriting acceptance.

Aircrewcare Quotations and Applications

AIRCREWCARE do not provide financial advice but all AIRCRECARE quotations/confirmation carry full policy terms and conditions and exclusions and a 14 day cooling off period, during which pilots can cancel without penalty. AIRCREWCARE recommend that pilot consult their own financial advisors, if required.

FITNESS TO FLY insurance is substantially cheaper that typical Loss of licence insurance because it does not cover psychological illness or drug or alcohol related illness.


  • Preferential group rates apply to participating airlines, agencies and pilot affinity groups.
  • Mandatory Group benefit quotes are subject to crew census and a detailed 5 year claims history with terms pertaining to prior policies.
  • Online Group Member applications and administration for optional voluntary benefits
  • Airline & Agency Representatives please contact:

Aircrewcare Payment Options

  • Choice of three currencies (consistent with salary): $ USD /€ EUR/£ GBP
  • Payment options subject to surcharge: Monthly + 6%, quarterly +4%, semi-annual +2%, annual +0%
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Cooling off period 14 days – no cancellation penalty.
  • Billing commences after you receive confirmation of cover.
  • Payment must be received within 30 days of falling due. Missing payment invalidates Aircrewcare insurance.